Saltwater Crocodiles Australia
(Crocodylus porosus)

They've been around for millions of years and are regarded as one of the most successful predators on earth. They sit at the top of the food chain as an apex predator and today they are in increasing numbers in Australia.

The Saltwater Crocodile can be traced back to their relatives prior to the dinosaurs they are also related to the giant Archosaurs which can be traced back over 240 million years ago to the Triassic period in our earth’s history. A survivor the saltwater crocodile has survived the ice ages and the shift of the earth’s continents. A large male modern day saltwater crocodile can grow larger than 20 feet in length. One unconfirmed report put the length of one large male called KRYS at 28 feet in length.

Today here in Northern Australia the saltwater crocodile is now in large numbers. A successful breeding program restocked our coastlines, rivers with this giant reptile and now extreme caution should be taken when near the habitat of the Australian saltwater crocodile.

The Australian saltwater crocodile can be found anywhere in tropical Australia and is not restricted to living in saltwater.

This web site offers information for anyone traveling to or living anywhere in tropical Australia. Nearly all crocodile attacks can be avoided by using common knowledge and having the information that will prevent you from putting yourself in a situation that you can be taken by a saltwater crocodile.

Here in Australia we have nicknamed the saltwater crocodile as “crocs” or “salties”. We now live with large numbers of these reptiles present in our coastal areas and waterways.

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Featured Video by 101 East aired on Al Jazeera English Channel in April 2014
Very interesting you tube video examining the explosion of the Australian Saltwater Crocodile which includes interviews with a victims mother, national parks rangers, a crocodile poacher and plenty of croc action.

Saltwater Crocodiles and the Australian Aboriginal
Information on how the Australian Aboriginal lives in regions that have Saltwater Crocodiles. Methods for safety and aboriginal beliefs.

Crocodile Mick Real Life Crocodile Hunter
Learn about Crocodile Mick an ex Saltwater Crocodile poacher who now works on the right side of the law and removes problem crocodiles and turns them into products using a unique taxidermy method.

Crocodile Mick Saltwater Crocodile Products
Some of Crocodile Mick's range of Saltwater Crocodile products.

Crocodile Products
Information on the saltwater crocodile industry in Australia and what crocodile products are produced and sold.

Crocodile Reproduction
How the saltwater crocodile reproduces and information and presentation on the birth of a saltwater crocodile.

Saltwater Crocodile Attacks in Australia
A personal record of saltwater crocodile attacks in Australia.

How the saltwater crocodile was brought back from the edge of extinction and has recovered to their original numbers in Australia.

The Death Roll
The most famous of the saltwater crocodiles behaviours.

Crocodile Habitat
Information on the habitat of the Australian Saltwater crocodile. Where it lives.

Crocodile Tourism
How the saltwater crocodile is a tourism attraction in Australia

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Most Recent Fatal Saltwater Crocodile Attack
12th October 2017 Mowbray River Port Douglas Far North Queensland
An elderly 79 year old woman in the early stages of Alzheimer's is believed to have been taken by a saltwater crocodile. Police have confirmed they have found human remains and her clothes in a pile at the site in a creek at the end of Four Mile Beach. Anne Cameron has been missing since Tuesday when she wandered out of her nursing home.