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Australian Crocodile Attacks - Australia Page 2
From 2012
(Crocodylus porosus)
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3rd April 2012
Dugong Bay north of Derby Western Australia (remote Kimberley region)
Swimmer Tara Hawkes was bitten on the upper leg by what is believed to be a Saltwater Crocodile after trying to get into a boat after swimming. Other onlookers pulled her onboard probably saving her life.

Update 15th May 2012
Saltwater Crocodiles in Queensland seem to be appearing further south on the coast of Queensland and also appear to be in much larger numbers in far north Queensland. A recent confirmed sighting in the Mary River at Maryborough has resulted in a hunt with an attempt to trap the 3.5 metre crocodile. In Cairns saltwater crocodiles are now found in stormwater drains with one crawling out of a drain and onto a busy suburban road.

August 30th 2012
A man who helped save his mate by biting a 3 metre Saltwater Crocodile on the snout while his other mate stabbed the crocodile with a screwdriver has missed out on a bravery award even though his friend received one. Jason Matiu Grimes was fishing in a 4.5m tin boat with Rupa Manimua when they saw a 3m-long crocodile at Knocker Point, 180km northeast of Darwin when a third member of their party was dragged under water by the crocodile. They pulled the man with the crocodile still attached into the boat and bit and stabbed the crocodile until it let go. The victim survived the attack after receiving surgery.

November 16th 2012
A young 7 year old girl is suspected to be taken by a saltwater crocodile at Gumarrirnbang outstation about 340 kilometres east of Darwin in the Northern Territory. Police shoot a crocodile on the 17th November 2012 and find human remains inside the crocodile. A man swimming with the girl was also attacked.

December 1st 2012
A 12 year old aboriginal boy was snatched by a large saltwater crocodile while swimming at Port Bradshaw 80 kilometres south of Darwin in the Northern Territory. Adults attempted to spear the crocodile but it fled into deeper water with the boy. The crocodile was well known to local aboriginals. The 4 metre crocodile is believed to have killed the boy.

December 16th 2012
A 16 year old boy has been bitten on the leg by a saltwater crocodile at a billabong near Ramingining 440 kilometres east of Darwin in Arnhemland. The boys father leapt into the water to free his son. They were hunting magpie geese when the attack happened.

April 22nd 2013
A french fisherman foolishly attempted to swim out to a boat at Nhulunbuy in East Arnhemland. He was grabbed by a Saltwater Crocodile but managed to fight off the crocodile sustaining injuries to his head, neck and back in doing so. He luckily survived the attack.

August 24th 2013
Northern Territory police are searching for the body of a 26 year old man believed to have been taken by a 5 metre saltwater crocodile in the Mary River. Two men ignored crocodile warning signs to swim across the Mary River and one is believed to have been killed by the crocodile. Witnesses watched for some time as the crocodile had the man. The Mary River is home to the largest population of saltwater crocodiles in the southern hemisphere. This unfortunate attack was definately avoidable and the men swimming were locals who probably knew the risk they were taking.

26th January 2014
A 12 year old boy was taken by a Saltwater Crocodile while swimming with other young boys at Mudginberri Billabong near Jabiru in Kakadu National Park in the Northern Territory. Another boy 15 years of age was bitten by the crocodile and received medical attention. Police helicopters and rangers boats have been looking for the boy and the crocodile since Sunday afternoon with no success. A search is being conducted in Magela Creek which supplies water to Mudginberri Billabong. Kakadu is very well known for Saltwater Crocodiles, this attack was completely avoidable. Police recovered remains 29/01/14.

7th June 2014
A 62 year old man has been taken from a boat he was in around 3.00pm by a large 4.7 metre saltwater crocodile on the South Alligator river in Kakadu National Park. It is believed that he was in the boat with his wife and his son and daughter in law. The mans remains were found inside the crocodile the day after the attack. The family is believed to live in Darwin. This is the first attack I have heard of where the person was snatched from a boat by a saltwater crocodile. The boat looked to be 4 metres or smaller and was a small open aluminium "tinnie" very popular with Australian recreational fisherman. It has been said the man was leaning over the side of the boat cleaning a bucket in the water when the crocodile dragged him into the water.

8th August 2014 (attack probably happened 1st August)
22 year old man Travis Costa went missing on Friday night 1st August on Melville Island in the Northern Territory. Biological remains have been recovered from a 2 metre Saltwater Crocodile shot by police searching for Mr Costa.

18th August 2014
A 57 year old man has been taken and killed by a saltwater crocodile while trying to retrieve a fishing hook. The man was fishing from the old ferry track near the Adelaide River Bridge on the Adelaide River outside of Darwin. The mans wife witnessed the attack and alerted police. Gunshots were heard around 9.00pm and human remains were reported around 9.30am. Crocodile living in this area are fed on a daily basis as part of a major tourist attraction. Boats dangle meat on the end of a rope to make the local wild crocodiles leap clear of the water for the tourists. The man and his wife lived in Darwin so were locals. The white crocodile was well known in the Adelaide River at tourists boats and had the name of Michael Jackson.

20th September 2014
Stephen Moree (20) and Aboriginal Goose Hunter was goose shooting at Peppimenarti in the Northern Territory and had waded into the water to retrieve a goose he had shot when a 2 metre Saltwater Crocodile grabbed his arm and went into a death roll. Stephen poked the crocodile in the eye which made it release his arm, it tried to swim away but Stephens hunting partner shot it. Stephen survived the attack and was taken to hospital.

4th January 2015 - Snakes Downunder Wildlife Park - Childers - Queensland
All Photo's on the right hand side of this web page are of Macca the crocodile in this attack
Around 12.45pm Snakes Downunder Wildlife Park owner operator Ian Jenkins was conducting his daily crocodlie show featuring Macca the 4 metre Saltwater Crocodile. Ian was waving his hat to distract Macca when Macca grabbed Ian by his left hand and dragged him into the water. Macca had to be distracted by another crocodile handler before letting go of Ian's hand and Ian was able to scramble to safety. Ian's left thumb was torn off down the the wrist and Ian was air lifted by medi helicopter to Bundaberg Base hospital where he is recovering. Knowing Ian personally and being grateful for his obliging me to help me get great snake and crocodile photos in the past I wish Ian a speedy recovery. Ian is an experienced crocodile/reptile handler of many decades and does not take risks or do silly things. This was an unfortunate accident which I am sure Ian will bounce back from.

14th April 2015 - Clive Palmers Golf Course in Port Douglas
A 70 year old man playing golf was mauled by a saltwater crocodile when he went to retrieve his gold ball from a water hazard on the golf course. His legs had deep lacerations and he was transported to Mossman Hospital.

2nd May 2015 - Lawn Hill Natrional Park
A 13 year old boy escaped an attack by a 1.5 metre Saltwater Crocodile with deep cuts to his hand and arm while swimming at a popular camping spot in Lawn Hill National Park 250 kilometres from the coast.

19th May 2015 - Lee Point near Darwin
A man was grabbed by a Saltwater Crocodile while kite surfing off Lee Point near Darwin in the Northern Territory. The man was grabbed on the right shoulder and was being shaken by the Crocodile. The man says he went limp while being shaken and the Crocodile dropped him releasing it's grip which was when the man made his escape. The man had teeth scrape marks on his back and shoulder but the skin was unbroken.

3rd July 201`5 Prince Regent River Kimberley region Western Australia
A female tourist on a 13 day cruise in the Prince Regent River area of the Kimberley's was attacked and
mauled by a Saltwater Crocodile. The woman was swimming in a rock pool considered to be safe to swim in. She was not badly injured.

5th December 2015 Lizard Island Queensland
A 2.5 metre Saltwater Crocodile was killed after biting a man on the elbow and then displaying highly aggressive behaviour. Michael Curwen 57 was flown to Cairns base hospital for medical attention.

13th January 2016 Western Kimberley Region
A woman had her hand and forearm torn off in an attack by a 2.2 Metre Saltwater Crocodile. She was sitting by the side of the Three Mile Creek and was attacked. The crocodile was caught by Balanggarra rangers and was humanely destroyed. The woman was in a stable condition after being flown to the Royal Darwin Hospital by the Flying Doctor Service from Wynham.

7th March 2016 Billaqbong Sanctuary Townsville Queensland
25 Year old Renee Roberston was feeding captive saltwater crocodile Tipper when the crocodile grabbed her arm causing serious injuries. Ms Robertson was training to feed saltwater crocodiles at the Sanctuary and had been working there for 12 months.

25th April 2016 Daly River Northern Territory
A 19 year old man has survived being dragged from his tent by a 4 metre saltwater crocodile while camping too close to the river. He received puncture wounds to his foot and leg.

17th May 2016 Gunn Point Northern Territory
2 men crabbing in a ridiculously small aluminium boat were thrown into the water after a large Saltwater Crocodile rammed their boat. One man drowned while the other man fought off crocodiles for 3 hours by throwing spark plugs and other objects at the crocodiles. He was eventually able to climb up into a mangrove tree.

29th May 2016 Thornton Beach Cape Tribulation Far North Queensland
Two women aged 46 and 47 were swimming at Thornton Beach at 10.30pm at night. This area is known to have a prolific population of Saltwater Crocodiles. The 46 year old woman was dragged under the water screaming out...a croc's got me, a croc's got me. Her 47 year old friend tried in vain to pull her friend from the jaws of the crocodile. A search will resume in daylight hours the woman is presumed dead. Paramedics took the victims friend to Mossman hospital suffering from shock and a graze. This was an attack that should not have happened. If in Northern Australia you should assume Saltwater Crocodiles are in most areas and you should never enter the water.

19th January 2017 Cahills Crossing Kakadu Northern Territory
A man was wading across Cahills Crossing cause way when he was taken and killed by a 3.5 metre Saltwater Crocodile. His body has been located two kilometres down the river from the crossing. At the time of the attack the man and two women were wading across the tidal causeway as the water was over the causeway at high tide. The two women had made it across when the man was attacked and killed. This is the second fatal attack at this causeway which is well known to have numerous saltwater crocodiles in residence there. This attack was avoidable had the group have waited until low tide to cross the causeway. Most saltwater crocodile attacks are avoidable by using some common sense.

19th March 2017 Johnstone River Far North Queensland
An 18 year old man has nearly lost an arm after being mauled by a Saltwater Crocodile in the Johnstone River in far north Queensland just before 2.30am. The man was attacked after being dared by his friends to jump in the river. It is hoped the mans arm can be restored by surgeons to working order. The Johnstone River is well known for it's Saltwater Crocodile population. It is believed the crocodile is a 3.5 to 4 metre male saltwater crocodile that is known to frequent the area.

20th March 2017 Ocean Shore Beach south of Cairns Far North Queensland
Only one day after an 18 year old man was mauled on the arm a 35 year old spear fisherman has been taken and is believed to have been killed by an aggressive 4 metre Saltwater Crocodile 200 metres off an ocean beach south of Cairns. Warren Hughes 35 has been found dead a short distance from his empty boat which was anchored. Wildlife rangers reported that when searching their boat was charged by an aggressive 4 metre Crocodile which appeared to have something in it's mouth. Rangers will attempt to capture the crocodile and if unsuccessfull will set traps in the area. Rangers said they will kill the crocodile if necessary! Politician Bob Katter is calling for a cull of Saltwater Crocodlies due to an over population of the species!
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12th October 2017 Mowbray River Port Douglas Far North Queensland
An elderly 79 year old woman in the early stages of Alzheimer's is believed to have been taken by a saltwater crocodile. Police have confirmed they have found human remains and her clothes in a pile at the site in a creek at the end of Four Mile Beach. Anne Cameron has been missing since Tuesday when she wandered out of her nursing home.

Gary Crockett
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