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Can I use content from this web site?
I spent a long time and a lot of money to painstaking gather my copyrighted images. I need to make an income like anyone else so please don’t think you can just take and use my images without my permission.

My copyright is embedded in and on my images and you cannot copy and reproduce my images or use them for any purpose whatsoever without first talking to me and/or paying me a licensing fee.

I built this web site because there are not a lot of good quality images available of Saltwater Crocodiles so as far as I know this web site is unique on the internet. I also wanted to give people the knowledge to keep themselves safe so they don't put themselves in a position to be taken by a Saltwater Crocodile. Make no mistake we are on their menu.

If your school or organisation does not work with the Australian Copyright Agency Limited you must pay me a fee to use my copyrighted material. You may not just take and use my resources. For more information about the Statutory text and artistic license please go to the following links.

You may not use my images to put on any other web site. Any copyright infringement will be followed by legal action. I am able to prove ownership of every single image on this web site.

You may view this web site for free. Please enjoy the web site and please respect my copyright.
Gary Crockett
Copyright 2011
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