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Saltwater Crocodile Tourism

Can I see Saltwater Crocodiles safely in Australia?

Australia offers a lot in the way of tourism involving the Saltwater Crocodile.

You can visit established crocodile farms in many parts of Queensland and the Northern Territory as well as in Broome Western Australia.

Most of the crocodile farms have established times for crocodile shows performed for the entertainment of tourists.

In Northern Australia all tours to Kakadu offer a crocodile spotting cruise at either Adelaide River, Coroboree Billabong, Yellow Waters, South Alligator River or on the Mary River all of which are famous for large crocodile populations. Crocodylus Park and the older Darwin Crocodile farm south of Darwin are both open to the public.

In Queensland there is the Johnston River crocodile farm and north of Cairns there is a croc farm at Hartley Creek,  the Daintree River has regular crocodile cruises and further south there is an operator working out of Airlie Beach.

Further south again near Rockhampton the Koorana crocodile farm is open to the public. Ian Jenkins at Snakes Downunder has a great show with his crocodile "Macca" in addition to showing you the most venomous snakes in the world in a unique show that he has them crawling all over himself in front of you.

Closer to Brisbane Australia Zoo is perhaps the most well known place for crocodile shows.

These are the safest ways to see Saltwater Crocodile. Under no circumstances should you go looking for them by yourself or you may end up being a meal for a hungry croc.
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