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101 East - Killer Crocs
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A compelling and unbiased 26 minute documentary by 101 East that was aired on Al Jazeera English channel in April 2014. Accomplished investigative reporter Steve Chao interviews a victims mother, parks and wildlife rangers, an ex illegal crocodile poacher called Mick and a saltwater crocodile breeder who recovers saltwater crocodiles in the wild by helicopter.

Stunning landscapes across the top end of Australia including Kakadu and Arnhemland, the aboriginal perspective, croc action as parks and wildlife rangers drag many crocodiles out of crocodile traps and agree there are too many crocodiles now and they are a danger to humans.

Meet a real larrikan Northern Territory character Crocodile Mick who shows you his now legal operation and explains what he does wtih the saltwater crocodiles he legally shoots these days.

This documentary is one of the best and most recent I have seen. It makes the case for a cull of the saltwater crocodile population which has been called for by experts including the man who saved the saltwater crocodile from extinction and ran the breeding program that brought them back to the over population we now have in

The Australian government needs to stop worrying about the Green vote in Australia and authorise a controlled culling of the Saltwater Crocodile in Australia.

Watch this fabulous video and find out why!

Many thanks to Steve Chao and 101 East for sharing this video on our Saltwater Crocodile web site. You have done a great job producing this.

Gary Crockett
Author of this site