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Crocodile Mick Crocodile Hunter
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Australia has some colourful true blue interesting characters who embody the spirit of being Australian. They don't come much more interesting than Crocodile Mick Pitman. Crocodile Mick is a professional saltwater crocodile hunter and a world class taxidermist specialising in tanning and stuffing saltwater crocodiles. Crocodile Mick uses a special tanning method using natural Australian barks that preserves the products he offers for sale and export in their natural colors.

This tanning method was developed and taught to Crocodile Mick by his mentor German Jack to whom Crocodile Mick owes his respect and his current business. After the German died Crocodile Mick swore to keep the memory of German Jack alive and has done so showcasing the story of German Jack on his own web site and in books he has written on his amazing life.

These days Crocodile Mick operates a legal business and is licensed to remove large problem saltwater crocodiles and then using them in his taxidermy business so that none of the crocodile is wasted. You are able to purchase saltwater crocodile products from Micks business including mounted full body crocodiles, trophy heads, wrist bands cell phone cases and crocodile skin wallets. Click here to purchase a product from Mick.
Crocodile Mick Pitman
Crocodile Mick wasn't always legally able to shoot crocodiles and spent most of his time in Far North Queensland covering his crocodile poaching activities by presenting himself as a Barramundi fisherman. Some people say that the Crocodile Dundee character was based on Crocodile Mick who was wearing a massive crocodile tooth around his neck crocodile vest and hat with a crocodile skin hat band long before the Crocodile Dundee movies were made. Crocodlie Mick makes no such claims and just says - well you will have to make up your own mind about that one.

Crocodile Mick is a typical Aussie larrikan, during his poaching career he was caught with one crocodile. He estimates he caught around 17,000 saltwater crocodiles. In one online documentary he states, "if I get taken by a saltwater crocodile keep filming, coz, I've taken enough of them, and that's fair enough, if I slip up they take me that's it! That's the game of life!. I respect those animals in the wild, and if I can recreate him into a taxidermy job, which I do quite regular, then he is going to live on for a long long time!".

Crocodile Mick works with Aboriginal people and because they have helped him he wants to pass on his knowledge to the aboriginals and their community. Mick is the only person in the world that does what he does and uses the unique high quality tanning and taxidermy methods he uses.

One of the most dangerous jobs in the world Crocodile Mick works from a small aluminium boat and captures smaller and medium sized salwater crocodiles using a three pronged harpoon, each prong is only around 2 - 3 inches long which doesn't damage the crocodile but allows it to be caught, then dragged into the boat in good condition for taxidermy.

Crocodile Mick's career as a crocodile hunter and crocodile taxidermist has spanned decades.

The Saltwater Crocodile has been protected for many years in Australia, at one point they were considered endangered but over the past couple of decades they have bred up and it is now estimated that there are over 150,000 in the wild with numbers growing at an alarming rate. Crocodiles are now turning up in places they haven't been seen for six decades sometimes within communities far south who have no idea of how to live with the Saltwater Crocodile.

Crocodile Mick has added his voice to a number of experts who are advocating a culling of the Saltwater Crocodile in Australia. Mick, like many people, suggests that trophy hunters could be allowed to come to Australia to bag a trophy crocodile and be charged for a safari. Some suggest the money could be used to pay for managing the numbers of saltwater crocodiles in the wild.

Crocodile Mick would be happy to organise safe safari's and provide a complete service to trophy hunters so they can take home the preserved trophy crocodile they shoot. It would open a new avenue for tourism.

Hard core conservationists within the green movement and others who don't know anything about the current state of the saltwater crocodile in Australia oppose a culling of the animal. The Australian government has to date refused to cull the crocodile and it is highly obvious they are influenced by the Green vote which can often mean the difference between winning an election or not.

This needs to change as this dedicated apex predator is becoming a real threat as it moves out of remote areas and takes up residence in water ways close to and within large and small communities in our country.

Crocodile Mick is an expert at what he does.

German Jack was a founder of Mick's business and first started in the 1950's working in the water ways of northern Australia and Papua New Guinea as a crocodile hunter. It was in New Guniea where German Jack learnt how to preserve and tan crocodile skins and later practice taxidermy, stuffing smaller crocs to add value to what they were worth.

German Jack did research on taxidermy, figured out his methods of preservation perfecting it over many years. Mick met German Jack in the late 70's and Jack took him on as an apprentice. Jack taught Mick the trade of making fine leather and products from the crocodile. Together they worked hard producing the best quality crocodile leather using natural tanning methods. There are no chemicals used when making the leather, only bush bark is used to tan the crocodiles in a process that dates back 2,500 years.

German Jack had a real passion for saltwater crocodiles and he and Mick hunted together for many years producing products in the bush where they lived in very harsh conditons. Jack and Mick became very close friends right up until 1990 when Jack made a trip to town and was murdered for two cartons of beer at the stubby hut in Weipa Queensland Australia.

Mick promised the German he would keep going with their work and he went solo after the German was murdered. All of Mick's crocodile products are hand crafted and each one is a unique piece of artwork by a true craftsman.

Among the goods Mick produces are complete stuffed trophy crocodiles as well as smaller specimans, trophy heads, skulls, hand bags, purses, wallets, wrist bands, portfolio cases, cell phone cases, knife pouches, gun slings as well as a wide range of other goods too many to list. Mick is recognised world wide for the quality of work he produces.

Among Mick's many talents he is also an author having written a couple of books you can purchase. Mick's book Crocodile Mick is a great read and his book "Hairy Moments and Strange Happenings" gives you an insight into the amazing life he lives and some of the close calls he has had.

Crocodile Mick is also available for Consultancy, Training on Taxidermy, Natural Tanning, Processing and Producing Quality Products naturally tanned using Australian Bush Barks.

Mick is able to export to most countries so if you are looking for crocodile products, a preserved trophy crocodile, crocodile trophy head or would like to buy one of his books and get an insight into a true Australian bushmans way of life. If you are looking for something that the person who has everything does not have then take a look at Mick's range of quality products.

Click here to go to our page showing some of the examples of Micks crocodile products where you can contact Mick and Michaela and order what you are interested in!
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