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Saltwater Crocodile Products
(Crocodylus porosus)

What are Crocodiles farmed for?
Australia has a number of salwater crocodile farms. These farms breed crocodiles for their meat and skins to export to other countries that make shoes, clothing and other objects from crocodile skin.

Teeth are used as souvenirs and are popular in hat bands or as a necklace.

The leather of the saltwater crocodile skin is very durable and also attractive when cured correctly.

The meat of the crocodile can be found on many a restaurants menu and cooked correctly and served with a good dipping sauce is very good to eat.

The meat can taste strong however the meal pictured below served the crocodile steak from a younger crocodile crumbed fried and the dipping sauce provided an interesting taste for the meat.

Crocodiles also used to be hunted for trophies with hunters having the crocodile mounted either as a full sized croocodile or the head only mounted on a wooden wall plaque.
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saltwater crocodile products
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