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Retail Sales of Images on this Web Site
(Crocodylus porosus)

How do I buy a picture of a crocodile to frame for my wall?
Retail Sales of High Resolution Saltwater Crocodile images
Images found on this web site are low resolution images unsuitable for professional printing. All images found on this web site can be supplied to you as a high resolution image. Below is a you tube presentation of 99 of some of my best crocodile pictures numbered so you can tell me which image it is you are interested in. I can resize high resolution images to your requirements on request of any image you see on this web site and make it available to you in varying sizes.

High Resolution Images for Framing as a large Picture
Many images on this web site in their high resolution state are suitable to print as a very large picture or can be resized to a smaller image. These are suitable for printing and framing as an attractive picture in your home or office and are for sale at $159.95 each in their high resolution state. I am able to set up a password protected web page so you can download that file after processing your payment.

High Resolution Images for commercial purposes
High resolution images are available by negotiation and quote for commercial purposes. I would always retain the copyright for any image but would grant you a license for your commercial project.

Desktop Backgrounds or Screen Savers low resolution 1280 x 720
The images shown as small thumbnails on the right hand side of each web page are available as a low resolution larger 1280 x 720 image for use as a desktop background or screen saver on your computer. Cost for this size is $29.95 per image and you can choose from the range of images shown on each page on this site (downloaded from this site by prior arrangement). Available as a low resolution larger image by special order at $39.95 per image. You would need to tell me what size you wanted.

Slideshows shown on this web site
All you tube presentations shown on this web site are available for purchase as .wmv files that will play on your computer as a full screen in windows media player or other media players. You can purchase the complete set of 14 short slideshows exactly as they are shown on this web site for $179.95 for your own use at home or at school. A disc would be mailed to you after your payment has been processed. We have a secured web page so you can send your details.

There would also be the entire content of this web sites educational material on the disc as a pdf file suitable for printing on the same disc.

Gary Crockett
Copyright 2011
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